Why Salford IT Help saves you money

Is your PC or laptop sluggish, unresponsive or dated? You might think the only option is to replace it. But If you live in Salford, our IT support services can repair your PC for a fraction of the cost.

Choose to drop off your PC at the service centre, or book a home visit. Your IT technician will assess your PC and offer an affordable solution for you. The result? A fast, responsive computer for years to come.

Not only do Salford IT Help offer affordable computer repairs in Salford, they give you advice to help you get the most out of your PC – and prevent future problems.  And while a new shop bought PC has subpar components to hit an inflated price point,  we at Salford IT Help can select bespoke components or upgrade your PC so it’s designed to meet your needs cost effectively.

What IT services can Salford IT Help provide?

  1. Clear out the clutter: PC’s can be slowed down by too much going on in the background, like open tabs, unused apps and spyware. Our technician can remove this clutter and explain how to keep your PC running smoothly.
  2. Sourcing new parts: if your PC has an outdated hard drive or not enough memory, your technician can source the best parts and install them so your pc runs reliably and responsively.
  3. Boost your PC’s ability: Installing new software can make your PC more capable. If you’re stuck with an old operating system like Windows XP, your technician can update it to Windows 10 or Linux so you can enjoy faster processing and use the latest apps, such as Microsoft Office 2019.

Your local service isn’t limited to fixing PCs either – Salford IT Help can solve any common IT problem, from helping you to print a document to organising your email account. And there’s good news if you’re self-employed: we offer affordable small business IT support in Salford, so your business can run like clockwork.

And if you still have your heart set on a new PC? Salford IT Help can even help you choose the right one! Save yourself money and IT headaches – call us instead.

Salford IT Help is a friendly and reliable IT support business dedicated to getting you the best from your PC with prices from just £12. Call for a free, no obligation quote.

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