Why Salford IT Help saves you money

Is your PC or laptop sluggish, unresponsive or dated? You might think the only option is to replace it. But If you live in Salford, our IT support services can repair your PC for a fraction of the cost.

Choose to drop off your PC at the service centre, or book a home visit. Your IT technician will assess your PC and offer an affordable solution for you. The result? A fast, responsive computer for years to come.

Not only do Salford IT Help offer affordable computer repairs in Salford, they give you advice to help you get the most out of your PC – and prevent future problems.  And while a new shop bought PC has subpar components to hit an inflated price point,  we at Salford IT Help can select bespoke components or upgrade your PC so it’s designed to meet your needs cost effectively. Continue reading “Why Salford IT Help saves you money”

Why invest in a web content writer?

As a business owner you’re always working to a budget, and it’s tempting to keep costs low by writing your own content. After all, you’re good at communicating – why spend money when you don’t have to?

Well, you can of course spend a few hours tapping away at your keyboard to put some content down, but a professional will write great content. And here’s why that’s so important:

  1. Writing for the internet is harder than you think. People online are short of patience and spoilt for choice. It takes time and practice to know what words will have an impact and make people stay on your site instead of clicking on to your competition.
  2. Your content needs to be optimised for the Google search results. For a chance to be seen by searchers, your website needs to strategically include search terms, be high quality and relevant (yes, Google has ways to measure your content’s quality these days)
  3. A content writer can give you your time back. Creating compelling content for your website and promotions takes longer than you expect, and it’s difficult to achieve a high standard of writing when you’ve other commitments. Professional writers on the other hand, can craft content quickly, letting you focus on the key activities of running your business.

The bottom line? With content that helps people find you and stay on your website you’ll get more customers – it’s a sound investment. Salford IT Help recommends using The Web Writer for all your web content needs. She’s a copywriter specialising in online material who wilI create content for your website or marketing campaign for a price that suits your budget. She’s made it as easy as possible to get your content, with clear upfront pricing.

For compelling and affordable web content you can email leila@thewebwriter.co.uk or visit her website.

Sourcing Web Content

All good businesses know the bottom line is to make money, to do that we need to keep focused on our core business activities. Whether that’s selling custom designed cakes or coaching professional cyclists.

Many web designers are able to construct elegant computer programs that do complicated and repetitive tasks. We are not budding Shakespeares! In the modern world where relevant web content is vital to search engines, turning to a professional for your web content is a prudent measure. hence, Salford IT Help recommends using ‘The Web Writer’ for all your web content and copywriting service needs.

Continue reading “Sourcing Web Content”